Thursday, September 9, 2010

“Save Money, Live Better”

Let me start by saying that this is not necessarily a rant against Walmart. Walmart doesn’t come up with their advertising campaigns and slogans, they hire some huge company to create the campaign and the slogans and ads that go along with it. This is really a rant about the irony of the slogan, “Save Money, Live Better”

It’s a tagline, “Save Money, Live Better”. It is a part of their brand. You will find it under their name on their website. It’s on the radio, and on TV. On their corporate website, they say, “In everything we do, we’re driven by a common mission: Saving people money so they can live better."

I get the “saving people money” part. They sell things at price points considerably less than other places. People can save money by shopping there. Yet, here is the irony… the issue I have. The rest of the tagline says “Live better” – “Saving people money so they can live better”. When I first heard a Walmart ad on the radio this week, it used the tagline after talking about the discounts being offered on Ruffles potato chips, Totino’s pizza rolls, Campbell’s chunky soup, and Pepsi. I ask you this… How is eating the crap going to help me, or anyone else, live a better life??? Seriously! The next ad I heard said, “Walmart is helping people save money so they can live a better life”. It advertised Doritos, Wonder Bread, and something frozen. Again, I ask… how is eating this crap going to help me, or anyone else, live a better life?

I started to investigate, like I usually do. Walmart has a website set up called They are posting testimonials from customers on how they are “living better”. They are “living better” because they are saving money, and using that money for different things. They are “splurging” on things, buying “fun” things, “eating out more”. They are repurposing the money. But are they “living better”???

Stay with me…

They are repurposing the money saved – for other things, things that they would not normally purchase or do. But perhaps, they should be using that money to buy or do healthier things. They are saving money by purchasing a bunch of crap – processed food, junk food, frozen food. UNHEALTHY FOOD. How is purchasing unhealthy food going to help anyone LIVE BETTER? Is it possible, that in the long run, by purchasing all this crap and saving money, that they would ultimately not be living better? That they may gain weight? Get sick? And therefore, be unable to do things that they would otherwise do? Is that living better? Would they be better off spending more to get the things that are less processed, healthier, natural, etc. and potentially be healthier, and have a better opportunity to truly “live better”?

Do you see the irony???

Let me know your thoughts. Post to comments!!

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Crucible Gym said...

Well said. Eating low benefit foods may save money intially but think of the costs down the road, obesity, heart disease and so on that have been linked to low cost - highly processed foods.