Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Park WOD - September 14, 2010

I will keep posting and adding to these, as we do the workouts in the park while CF PHX is temporarily closed.

Today's WO was created by the devious Ms. Jen Roberts! Thanks J!!!

21-15-9 of

DB Hang power snatch (R)
DB Hang power snatch (L)
DB thruster (R)
DB thruster (L)
Everyone worked with appropriate weights, from 20# through 40#.

Times and weights were:

Alexa 20# 13:07
Derek 40# 8:35
Jill 20# 12:??
Lauriel 30# 10:10
Tony 35# 17:37
David 30# 12:56
Jen 25# 8:38


Fitness Freak said...

Nice photos of work-outs, Also the place where you guys are doing work our is amazing.

Lauriel said...

Thanks! This is a park in the Phoenix, AZ area. It has a par course, lots of grass, play areas, baseball fields and sand volleyball. It is quite nice for Phoenix, and doesn't look like it's in the desert. You can't tell that it is over 100 degrees in the photos!