Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bermuda Triangle for Boobs???

No one ever told me that my boobs would disappear. When I started doing CrossFit, working out, eating better, no one ever said, “Hey, your boobs might mysteriously vanish.” I was not clued in.

And it’s not like it didn't happen over time, because it did. It happened over the course of almost two years. But for some reason, it feels like it happened over night. One day they were there and the next day they were gone. One day I had quite a handful... Now??? My sports bras barely have enough to hold on to! Darn! Where’d they go!!!

Did they vanish into the Bermuda Triangle for boobs? Is there such a place?? I figured that there must be, because I don’t know where they went. And it’s not like I had this receding boob line, that I could follow the disappearance of the boobies a week at a time, and mark where they were the week before. I swear, it happened over night.

So I wanted to understand it better, and I found this nifty article on decreasing your breast size through exercise. The motherload!!! So, how would one do that, without expecting it? The article says, “Not every woman that desires a smaller bust will want to go through breast-reduction surgery. Instead, you can perform sets of exercises that can reduce the fat that make up your breasts. Not only are you likely to decrease your bust size, but you might lose weight in other areas of your body.”

Hmmm. Exercises that reduce the fat that makes up your breasts... The article says to start with some cardio workouts and then increase the intensity of your cardio exercises. It goes on to recommend that push-ups are done every day, and weights should be used for chest presses.

Another article says, “Remember that breasts, for the most part, are made up of fatty tissue. Exercising can lead to fat loss, which in turn leads to smaller boobs. Exercise can also tone up the pectoral muscle, helping to lift and define the breasts.”

Lots of things surrounding push ups and chest presses, not to mention cardio -- exercise. WOW, CrossFit fits the bill there. CrossFit is the culprit! I never would have thought that!

I can only begin to fathom how many push-ups I have done in the past two years – how much cardio activity I have done. Have I been methodically making my boobs disappear without knowing it? Did I do this to myself? Is CrossFit the culprit?

Ladies??? Help me understand! Is this something you experienced? Are experiencing? Has CrossFit, or exercise in general, reduced your boobage???


Jennifer said...

I didn't have any to start with...I was hoping the pushups would INCREASE my size...

Heidi said...

I don't have any suggestions but wanted you to know that I laughed out loud. You're hilarious!

"The Case of the Missing Boobies" by Lauriel Luther.

alisha said...

I have always been an obsessive exerciser (even before crossfit) and had a B+ cup size. Only after I changed my diet to the zone and became under 10% body fat did I drop to a B- or A+ cup size; sometimes I would have to turn around and look at my back to see my boobs:) But now, having a baby and breastfeeding has done wonders for my boobs; A C-cup now and loving it!!!! Plus, I am leaning out again. Lean with boobs? I just may have to get a boob job after I am done having kids. It's just awesome having cleavage; never knew before how nice it is. I feel sexy and athletic.

Lauriel said...

Nice ladies! i knew I'd get some comments on this! Certainly, some can sympathize... Alisha, you've got it MADE!

Tiffany of the Tin(ier) Titties. said...

I am actually Googling CrossFit and breast shrinkage. I've become discouraged with my lack of breast. I didn't think I would lose anything there because I had nothing to lose in the first place. So what do we do? Can we get them back? Should we, as women, be consuming more fat in order to keep some necessary fat on our bodies. We are created that way, after all. And Alisha, I hear ya. I didn't know how nice of a bust I could have until pregnancy and nursing. No other exercise has done this to my breasts either. I've been lean before, but not with smaller than normal boobs. I am toying with the idea of a boob job, but it scares me and I want MY boobs.

caymansarah said...

I find that the droopier the boobs the better in crossfit. I can almost visualise your collectively furrowed brows as you puzzle that one out. Well, they told me that a push up is complete when your chest hits the ground. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the coaches were satisfied when my great droopers grazed the mat. I could have squashed the girls and gone several more inches, but apparently hangy boobs definitely are an advantage. Who knew my saggy puppies would have a silver lining? Note to self: skip the bra for next session, maybe I won't even have to bend my elbows.

Anonymous said...

My wife used to be a D. Now she's and A cup and looks mannish and I'm just not as attracted to her physically the way I used to be. I mentioned the possibility of a boob job and she doesn't want to hear it. I feel like I been baited and switched in regards to her body. Thanks Crossfit. I preferred the way she used to look... Feminine. Now when we are in bed together I feel like I'm with a man. Nothing like reaching for a woman's breast and feeling a nicely toned pectoral muscle.. But hey, as long as she's happy, right?