Friday, January 1, 2010

In Pursuit of Rest

Why, as a CrossFitter, do I struggle so much with the concept of a “rest day”? prescribes 3 on, 1 off for a workout regimen. That is, 3 workout days followed by one rest day. CrossFit Phoenix does 2 on, 1 off. I have heard of some places doing 5 on, 2 off. Rest is important, it is prescribed. So, if it is important, why is it so difficult to follow the prescription?

I tend to try to follow the 2 on, 1 off regimen. However, on at least one of the “off” days, I do a workout. Sometimes both “off” days… And sometime on the “on’ days I do a workout in the morning, and a workout in the afternoon, a double. Why do I feel the need to do so much?

Is it the adrenalin? The rush of the metcon or heavy weight? Or the ability to do something that not many women can do? Am I addicted to the endorphins?

I have been teaching fitness classes for 10 years. I know that the body needs rest. I know about overtraining. I have experienced it before. Overtraining occurs when you train beyond your body’s ability to recover. When you exercise longer and harder so you can improve, without adequate rest and recovery, the training regimens backfire, and actually decrease performance. Overtraining…

So, if I know about it, why do I have a difficult time with the rest day? You would think that I would rest, as prescribed. You would think… But I struggle with it, and really only rest occasionally.

Today is a rest day after 8 days “on”. And I swear… I will rest today.


Eileen Schreiber said...

Lauriel, at the risk of sounding like I know something, I think we all need to think about exercise addiction if we find we can't rest.

We all know the WODs produce such an intense high. And that is a healthy high.

But when any of us feel like we can't stop - whatever it is - the word addiction creeps into the vocabulary.

I hope you rest!

Jennifer said...

For me it's not about addiction. It's about my drive to be the best I can be...and I have SOOOO much to work on to achieve that goal.

Big D said...

Take a nap & have a couple of tacos. You're working too hard!

Lauriel said...

A nap sounds good! Not sure about the tacos and my paleo diet!!!