Friday, March 4, 2011

Chasing Rabbits

When we work out, there is always someone who or something that inspires us to do more, work harder, be faster, achieve something that we didn’t think possible. The rabbit. The dog chasses it, constantly trying to catch it. It may not always catch it, but it will try. It will make the best effort every single time it tries. For us, the rabbit is very individualized. It is different for everyone. And we all have a rabbit – something or someone that keeps us going in the face of all odds, that gets us through, that challenges or inspires us, that pushes us.

Perhaps it is a piece of equipment. A heavy kettlebell that you want to eventually swing, or the rings you one day hope to do muscle ups on, or the heavy barbell you someday want to put overhead. It is the inspiration -- that object that signifies that the goal was achieved; you did what you needed to do with it or to it.

Or maybe it’s a person. That one person you always compare yourself to, that you try to emulate, that you try to beat, or that just pushes you in all the right directions, so that you are able to do things you never thought possible. This person might be you coach, who is always in your face, pushing you, who has made you master your technique so that you are capable, or who encourages you daily to try. Or maybe it’s someone you work out with, who is always the one to beat, who pushes you to try heavier weights, work faster during a WOD, to put out that extra effort when you thought you had nothing left to give.

Or maybe it’s something entirely different. Maybe a hero, or family member, or cause that creates the inspiration to achieve more, do more, lift more or just simply be more. Maybe it’s something you didn’t really know about at the time, but it has become evident over time, that there was just something there, pushing you to be better, be faster, lift more, and continue when you didn’t think you could.

We all have a rabbit. And when our rabbit is in hiding, we miss it. We need our rabbits. We do better when we are chasing them. We do more weight, have faster times, and better techniques. We need to chase a rabbit.

Think about it. What or who is your rabbit? Your inspiration? Are you in hot pursuit? It’s time to catch the rabbit.

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Mel said...

I'd never thought about it so concretely but I do have a few rabbits that I chase in the gym and in life. Great post!

Garagegy702 said...

Great post from one of my favorite rabbits!!