Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Embrace the Bug's Life

Not every workout will be a PR, be perfect, be great, of even be good. You won’t finish every single workout with the feeling that you are on top of the world, unstoppable, and so far ahead of the game that no one could reach you if they tried. Some workouts may totally suck, break you down, bring you to tears and make you feel like quitting entirely. Some may take you into a deep, dark place that you don’t share with others – that edge of despair. Let’s face it, sometimes you are the bug, and sometime the windshield. You can’t always be the windshield, so when you are the bug, recognizing what it is, is half the battle of getting over it, and perhaps embracing it a little.

If all of our workout were perfect, PRs, unbelievably excellent, then it may just be because we are making them a little too easy. Maybe the weight is not heavy enough, or we are not pushing ourselves hard enough. PRs, especially for strength work, are one thing. They are difficult to make “easy”, I give you that… But workouts? Metcons? If they are consistently too easy, and you are consistently the windshield, then maybe you need to step it up a bit, make it a bit more challenging. Maybe push yourself harder, increase the weight used, decrease the time allowed for the same amount of work, etc.

It’s those moments when we are the bug, that we experience growth, both emotionally and physically. When we challenge ourselves emotionally, we are able to endure more. When we challenge ourselves physically, we are able to do more. If we are able to endure more emotionally, and do more physically, don’t you think we will become better athletes? And stronger bugs? Just because you are the bug, doesn’t mean that you always end up on the windshield. Many bugs live a happy life, without ever meeting the windshield. And wouldn’t you think that a stronger bug is harder to kill, would live longer in nature, and perhaps ricochet off the windshield?
So go out and embrace the bug’s life! It makes the windshield experiences all the sweeter.

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Anonymous said...

L-even on your windshield days you are always the bug I admire!jill