Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Kid Won’t Hug Me. She Says, “Your Stomach is Too Hard…”

WTF! “Your stomach is too hard…” Is that a compliment or an insult?

My kid said it, and then pulled away abruptly… as if injured. “Your stomach is too hard…” It hurt me… It is uncomfortable… It’s not soft, like… It’s not where I want to snuggle when I feel… It bruised me… Sure, I am exaggerating a bit, for drama… That’s what I got from the kid, drama.

But, is my stomach supposed to be soft? Should it feel like a pillow?? A warm snuggly stuffed animal?? Or maybe it should be squishy and rubbery, like Jell-O? WTF! Is it supposed to be soft?!?

I train hard. I don’t want my stomach to be soft. It should not hang over the top of my jeans – I don’t want a muffin top!!! WTF! Is this what we are supposed to be like? A bunch of squishy-stomached, muffin-topped women and men providing soft places for our kids to bury themselves??? WTF!

I work out hard. I don’t want my stomach to be soft. It needs to be hard, strong, and support the work required of it. And if it is uncomfortable, then I must be doing a good job. If it is uncomfortable, I am not sorry. And, if it is uncomfortable, I will take that as a compliment. Thank you very much!

What would you think??? Post to comments.


alisha said...

That is so funny :) :) It's odd that a kid would even notice something like that and then to not think it is normal. WTF? What are kids learning outside of home these days (and in some sad, pathetic cases, inside the home; which seems more like the norm to me in todays society)?

Lauriel said...

Not that I blame the schools, but kids these days do PE twice a week -- at least mine do. They sit infront of the TV, video games, etc, getting lazier and lazier (mine don't watch tv very much -- we don't let them sit around as much). Many parents don't encourage their kids to have active, healthy lifestyles, which will hurt them in the long run. We have become a Tivo, Wii, Internet and fast food (don't get me started on food...) society, where the result is an overweight, diseased population.